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Kristy Goodall and her 3 roans

When and where did you first see your roan, how did you end up with him as yours, and how long have you owned him? 


Ha Ha – My husband and I have always loved roans – BUT –

  • VS Sweet Lopin Lucy -  “Lucy” 2013 Red Roan Mare

Lucy I first saw as a 2 yr old showing at the state fair in ND , I fell in love with her movement and had to do a lot of sweet talking to get her purchased her that fall. Her owner did not want to part with her. I have had her 2 years. She was shown by a youth all last year and has excelled and is the sweetest girl ever.

2018 Kristy Goodall
  • VS Goodall in Blue - “Harley” 2015 Bay Roan Stallion "Harley"

My husband and I were looking for a stallion prospect and ran across this guy from Bebo Quarter horses in SD – Bruce had lost his stallion the year previously to a tragic barn fire so many of the top AQHA breeders offered services to him and Jan Pittman who owns VS Code Blue was one of those. We picked Harley based on conformation and movement, as a weanling, and then sent him to Scott Neuman in Billings to do his initial training.  There he achieved many accomplishments and the top of that being the 2017 2 yr old Reserve World Champion in the NSBA Solid Pleasure at the Pinto Worlds.  The mind on this colt is beyond anything I could have hoped for. He is truly a gelding in a stallion suit – even at his age. I have video of my son, whose has Aspergers, trying to lope him off and Harley, bless his gentle heart, is just taking care of my son. And I would NEVER put my son on 95% of the horses I have met in this world.  I myself am 50 with only one hand and have never felt so safe, and so comfortable on a horse, let alone a young stallion. He is on his way to greatness.  I have brought him home this year (he is coming 3) to be my select horse as I have turned 50. He is learning SMS, EQ , TRAIL and PLEASURE, under the guidance of my trainer here, Rylan Sundsbak, an AQHA Professional Horseman and an amazing trainer fom Haze. ND.  I have aspirations of going back to the Pinto World, Tom Powers and hopefully congress this year with him in the Non Pro division. Only great things lie ahead for this boy. He is a better horse than I am a rider, so I hope he keeps ME honest!

  • Im A Dirty Impulse – “Monica”

I owned Monica’s sire (Deluxe Impulse) the year we bred her dam. I then sold him back to his original owner and when Monica was born, and came out roan (Clyde has only sired 3 roans that I am aware of). I just knew I had to have her. In Minnesota we run a 50/50 futurity and weanling auction where the only babies that are eligible for the futurity are the ones that are sold through the auction. Monica was put into that auction and after a long string of bidding, she was the highest selling foal in the auction. But she was mine. Last year she made the trek to Tulsa along with Harley for the Yearling LL and ended up 3rd at the PtHa world show in the NSBA Solid Lunge Line class, finishing 1st under 2 judges.  And this year she is eligible for a number of 2 yr old futurities including our MN 50/50 where the 1st place winner is close to a $7000 purse.  I am excited for this girl's future
Where, what level, and in what classes do you show your roan?
AQHA – breed shows – Halter – SMS – HSE – TRAIL – W Pleasure – HMS
What is your favorite thing to do with your roan horse?
Show and trail ride
What is your favorite memory with your roan horse?
2017 Pinto Worlds – Reserve World Champion with Harley and 3rd with Monica
What are your thoughts about the American Roan Horse Association?
I think that this is an amazing move in the direction of promoting this as a color association, similar to the palominos, paints, apps, buckskins. Taking the roans into that movement is a fantastic move.  I am super excited to get involved and promote the roan horse in the same kind of light.
List any accomplishments, number of points, wins, etc, and from what association.
VS Sweet Lopin Lucy “Lucy” 2013 Red Roan Mare
POINTS: AQHA Open – 2.5 Halter , 1.5 Green Trail, 13 Green western Pleasure, 1.5 Performance Halter Mare, 10 Open Western Pleasure  
Nov Am – 0.5 HMS, 0.5 W Pleasure  
Nov Youth – 1.5 SMS, 2.0 HMS, 0.5 Trail, 4.5 W Pleasure, 1.0 HSE  
Open Youth – 2 Reserve Grand CH Halter Mares, 1.0 Perf Mare, 1.0 SMS, 6 West Pleasure
2017 2 x World Qualifier – Perf Halter Mare Level 2, Jr Western Pleasure Level 2
2017 AQHA Regional Ex – 2x Top 10 Open , 3x top 10 1x Top 5 Nov Youth, 3x Top 10, 1x Top 5 youth
2016 – AQHA Regional Experience – Champion 3 yr old Mare Open and Amateur – top 10 Nov Am Pleasure
VS Goodall in Blue “Harley” 2015 Bay Roan Stallion
POINTS: AQHA – 1 AA3 – Runner-up
Open - Halter – 4 Grands, 1 Reserve, 12/12 wins – 3.0 points, 2.5 Western Pleasure
Amateur – Halter – 2 grands 6/6 wins – 1.0 points
2017 – Pinto World Championships – Reserve World Champion 2 yr old NSBA Soild Western Pleasure, Top Ten – Ideal Pinto – Solid
2016 – Pinto World Championships – 4th NSBA Lunge Line Solid, NDQHA – Futurity Champion Lunge Line
Im A Dirty Impulse “Monica” 2016 Red Roan Mare
2017 – Pinto World Championships – 3rd NSBA Lunge Line Solid – 1st under 2 judges
2017 – Minnesota 50/50 Futurity 4th overall – Lunge Line – Trail in Hand – Halter

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