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Trainer Becky George

1. Where are you located, name of your facility, how long have you been training horses and how did you get started?


Becky George Show Horses is located in Hockley, TX which is just outside of Houston.  I’ve been training horses since just out of youth so a LONG time lol.  I’ve ridden and showed horses since the time I was a little kid it’s all I’ve ever known !   


2. How long have you had this horse in training?


VS Fashion Show is owned by Kate Upton.  She was Reserve World Champion in Sr Trail with me and World Champion with Kate  in the AM Trail at this years Roan World.   I actually bred and raised Daisy.  Colton Pylman, my assistant of now almost 8 years, broke her and showed her as a 2 yo then I started her in trail her 3 yo year.  Kate bought Daisy last year.  So Daisy has only been in training with us.


3. What is your favorite thing about this horse?


Daisy is a super special horse to me since I did raise her.  But that being said she has never made it easy lol.  She is one of the most talented horses I’ve ever ridden but she doesn’t give it up easy !  


4. What is your favorite memory with this horse?


My favorite memory to date is for sure Kate winning the trail this year.  They have worked hard to become a team and it was super fun to watch it come together. 



5. What are your thoughts on the American Roan Horse Association?


I think the ARHA is a growing association that is a great place to showcase our roan horses.  Your doing a great job trying to make the association grow and I’m looking forward to the future.

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