Kristen Breakfield & My Final Carson

1. When and where did you first see your roan, how did you end up with him as yours, and how long have you owned your roan?


Carson was sent to us for training 5 months ago. He came of the trailer full of sass and I knew this dude needed a job.  


2. Where, what level, and in what classes do you show your roan?


We show Carson in ARHA and AQHA shows around the South East. He is Level 1 and Green since he only has 5 months of training, but we show him in a lot of open and Junior classes as well.

3. What is your favorite thing to do with your roan horse?


Carson is still trying to figure out what he is best at. I think Ranch classes will be he best fit. We also trail ride him a lot. He enjoys the attention he gets at shows. He likes to be pampered.

kristen breakfield.jpeg

4. What is your favorite memory with your roan horse?


Showing him at the World Show. Even though he was extremely green then, he handled everything so well. He surprised me with how much try he gave us, and we even walked away with a Reserve Grand Championship


​5. What are your thoughts about the American Roan Horse Association?

I like this association a lot. It is well managed and the prizes are great. I would like there to be more of these shows.