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Jeremy Martin and Doin It Good

When he was 9 months old Doin It Good broke his left hind ankle, which he has surgery to repair it and it still has a screw in it. He was in a leg cast for 4 months with stall confinement. Thank goodness he is not a wild horse or this could have been disasterous. Within 2 weeks of the cast removal he was sound, a huge relief to me. He was broke out as a 2 yr old in April and was ridden for about 5 months and then brought home to rest and mature. He was then sent back at the first of his 3 yr old year where we saw his transformation into a great horse.

Doin It Good is a 2006 gelding by Zippos Mr. Goodbar and out of Zips Jss Sputnick by Dont Skip Zip. I bred and raised him. He was top 5 at the Little Futurity in the 3 yr old Western Pleasure, Top Ten at the Southern Belle in the Novice horse Western Pleasure, Champion North Carolina Futurity in the 3 yr old Western Pleasure and was a finalist at the 2009 Congress in the 3 yr old Non-pro Western Pleasure. He was in training with Jay and Kristy Starnes of Summerton, South Carolina.

jeremy martin doing it good.jpg

After the Congress, I brought him home in hopes to continue showing him, and I was able to show him at 1 show as a 3 yr old, picking up green and amateur western pleasure points. Then shortly after that I started having issues with his bad leg. As luck would have it my vet clinic had built a state of the art surgical equine center and hired a wonderful equine surgeon.
Countryside Veterinary Clinic, in Louisville, TN is my primary vet clinic, with Dr. Rebbecca Lillard as my breeding and day to day vet and Dr. Phil Hammock was the surgeon. Dr. Hammock looked at Cash and found that there were bone chips around his ankle that had been broken and quite a bit of arthritis was found. Dr. Hammock went in and removed almost a handful of bone chips and the arthritis and once again he had more time off and stall rest. Around 4 months after the surgery Cash was sound again we were riding, unfortunately we missed most of his 4 yr old year. As a 5 yr old, with a close watch and maintenance by Dr. Hammock, we continued showing, picking up points at our first show.
Last year was a great year. I ended up Champion in the Green and Amateur Western Pleasure in Region 2 in Tennessee and was also Champion in Amateur Western Pleasure and Reserve Champion in the Green Western Western Pleasure in the State of Tennessee. I have put all of Doin It Good's open and amateur points on him myself. I did have some help from Scot Kyle last summer and he did a great job tuning him up for me. But over the winter we started having some more trouble so Dr. Hammock did another surgery on him. So more stall rest for him, but a shorter healing period. 

This year has been a tremendous year so far. I have sent him to Jennifer McGrath of Murfreesboro, TN to help me with the all-around events and she is doing a fantastic job with both Cash and I. Our first show we won the showmanship after having 6 months off and a surgery just 6 weeks prior, and only a short lesson from Jennifer an hour before the class. We have gone on this year adding other events, such as Showmanship, Horsemanship and the Performance Halter geldings while still doing the Western Pleasure. We have been circuit champion in the showmanship twice and we currently are leading the state of Tennessee in the Novice Amateur Showmanship, Am Performance Geldings, second in the Am. Horsemanship, Am. Showmanship, and Am. Western Pleasure. We just came from the MAQHA Corporate Challenge where we were circuit champions in the Novice Amateur Showmanship and we picked up points in all of my classes, with a total of 43 points for the circuit and we were 3rd. overall in the all-around Novice am. standings.
I have put nearly 100 points on him so far this year in Novice Am Showmanship, Novice Am. Horsemanship, Am. Showmanship, Am. Horsemanship, Am. Western Pleasure, Am. Performance Geldings and Open Performance Geldings. We are nationally qualified in Am Performance Geldings and almost qualified in open.  We have qualified for the Novice Championships, to be held in October in Murfreesboro, TN and we are just a few points shy of our Am. Championship. 

This biggest thing that I am so thankful for is my Dad, Gary. He has been so supportive through all of this, even when I tell him how much each surgery cost. Dad and I both have such respect and confidence in Cash because he has such a big heart and so much try. He has always maintained a happy attitude throughout this whole ordeal, always having his ears forward when he shows and hardly ever getting crabby. Most horses would be pretty hateful after all of what he has been through. Cash holds a special place in my heart and has a forever home with us. 

I know this was lengthy but I needed to elaborate a little more about him. Thanks again for having the American Roan Horse Association and doing this feature on us. I am most appreciative. :)

Jeremy Martin's performance records:

  • 2012 Amateur Performance ROM

  • 2012 Amateur Halter ROM

  • 2012 Amateur AQHA Champions

  • AQHA World Show Qualifier in Open and Amateur Performance Geldings

  • AQHA Nutrena East Novice Championship Qualifier

  • Circuit Champion Novice Amateur Showmanship

  • Lucky 7 – Murfreesboro, TN

  • Corporate Challenge – St. Paul, MN – 3rd All-Around Novice Amateur

  • Circuit Champion Amateur Showmanship and All-Around Amateur - ALQHA Summer Palooza – Rainesville, AL

  • Circuit Champion Amateur Performance Geldings – TQHA Circuit – Murfreesboro, TN

  • AQHA Nutrena East Novice Championship – 4th Performance Halter Geldings and Finalists in Showmanship

  • Points earned in Amateur Western Pleasure, Amateur Showmanship, Amateur Horsemanship, Amateur and Open Performance Geldings.  Points earned in Novice Amateur Showmanship and Horsemanship.  Over 150 points combined in 2012. 5 AQHA All-Arounds and 4 AQHA 3rd All-Arounds earned.

  • Tennessee Quarter Horse Association Reserve Champions Novice Amateur Showmanship, Amateur Western Pleasure, Amateur Performance Geldings and Open Performance Geldings.

  • Tennessee Quarter Horse Association Region 2 Champions Amateur Western Pleasure and Novice Amateur Showmanship, Reserve Champions Amateur Performance Geldings and Open Performance Geldings.

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