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Isabella Grace Murray and An Invitation To Roc

1)  When and where did you first see your roan, how did you end up with him as yours, and how long have you owned your roan?

​I first met Bentley (An Invitation To Roc) at Heather Himelick’s barn in Indiana where Bentley’s owner Barb Graham had her in training. We had traveled from Ohio to look at a different horse, but Bentley was for sale as well. I rode both horses and fell in love with Bentley. She was a sweet and spunky three-year-old and I was just ten but we clicked. After a couple rides and talking it over with my parents we decided to purchase her in August of 2015. Shortly thereafter Bentley and I began training with Keri Niekamp of Niekamp Circle N in St. Henry, Ohio. We were young and had plenty to learn but Keri’s training and guidance over the last three years has been incredible and Bentley and I have learned so much!

2)  Where, what level, and in what classes do you show your roan?

I live in West Central Ohio and show Bentley mainly in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, and West Virginia. We show in AQHA and open shows. I have also shown at the All-American Quarter Horse Congress the last two years. I currently compete in AQHA Level 1 youth western pleasure and showmanship and will be starting horsemanship for the 2019 show season. 2019 will be my last year in Level 1 youth western pleasure and I look forward to moving on to Level 2.

2019 Isabella Murray.jpg

3)  What is your favorite thing to do with your roan horse?

One of my favorite things to do with Bentley is showmanship. I love when we fall perfectly in sync during a pattern! I also like grooming her and especially enjoy braiding her tail. One of Bentley’s favorite activities is eating peppermints. She loves those things!

4)  What is your favorite memory with your roan horse?
My favorite memory with Bentley is when we made finals at the All-American Quarter Horse Congress in youth western pleasure. I was very proud to have set a goal and achieved it.

5)  What are your thoughts about the American Roan Horse Association?

I am glad the American Roan Horse Association provides youth the opportunity for recognition through their High Point Youth award. This program gives youth a chance to be recognized for their hard work and dedication throughout the year plus get some really cool prizes!

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