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Heidi Kling-Padelsky and Rock N On and Rockkitman

1. When and where did you first see your roan, how did you end up with him as yours, and how long have you owned your roan?


Rock N On- I purchased "Rocko" in January of this year (2021). So I have owned him for 9 months.


Rockkitman- I actually saw him in a sale ad online in October. I knew I loved him from the first video I saw and when I found out he was a half brother to my "Rock N On" (aka Rocko - who I had just retired a few months beforehand) I knew that I had to have him. My trainer met and tried him for me at the AQHA world show and knew I’d love him. So I bought him and she brought him home from the world show for me.


2. Where, what level, and in what classes do you show your roan?


Rock N On- We show in the all around on the AQHA circuit in halter, showmanship, western pleasure, horsemanship and equitation.


Rockkitman- We made our debut in the western pleasure in Tampa FL  at the AQHA Gold Coast Circuit in December. It was kind of spur of the moment since I had only owned him a month, but we had a blast getting to know each other in the sunshine. I am very excited to start his all around career this show season in the halter, showmanship, equitation, pleasure, horsemanship and trail.

3. What is your favorite thing to do with your roan horse?

Rock N On- I love just being with him, whether it's showing or just riding at home, I love being around him. He is such a sweet horse with a great and happy personality that he makes everything fun!


Rockkitman- Show at the AQHA level

4. What is your favorite memory with your roan horse?


Rock N On- My favorite memory so far would be from the NSBA world show when we won 6th place in showmanship.


Rockkitman- Showing in Tampa Florida in December-January.

​5. What are your thoughts about the American Roan Horse Association?

I LOVE the ARHA and think it’s an awesome association! I am very excited for the 2022 world show as this will be my first year attending.

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