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Andrew Clark & Strutin To Win

1. When and where did you first see your roan, how did you end up with him as yours, and how long have you owned your roan?


I was in the market for a new show horse, and went to Pennsylvania to look at two year old. Considering a two year old was never on my radar, but even from a short video something about this horse just spoke to me. When I met him person, I knew he was that one for me. He was big, beautiful, balanced, and so fantastic to watch under saddle. It was surprising to me that a horse at that age could be so quiet, and mature, even to this day he has never frightened me and has always been so willing and trusting. I have owned Hux for 2.5 years, and he's out of Strutin on The Range, and I Luv Only Chocolate. 


2. Where, what level, and in what classes do you show your roan?


I have had the opportunity to show Huxley, in Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Michigan, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Florida, which is our home base. We have shown in the novice, non pro futurity classes, and he has been shown in the open at both AQHA and NSBA shows. He brought me to my first futurity, Congress and NSBA world.


3. What is your favorite thing to do with your roan horse?

It's hard to choose one, but he is so loyal and never puts up a fuss. Huxley is kind, playful, expressive, and truly one of a kind.

4. What is your favorite memory with your roan horse?


In between Congress on 2019 and January of 2020, I brought Huxley to our small farm in Ocala, and got to experience his day to day behaviors. It was amazing to look out my office window, and watch him enjoy life with my older gelding, and experience him wide eyed awaiting my arrival for his breakfast. He also enjoyed snorting at our pygmy goat, and nosing the fence line with the dogs. Just seeing Huxley enjoy his break and get spoiled has probably been my favorite memory.

​5. What are your thoughts about the American Roan Horse Association?

The Roan Horse Association has given us another opportunity to celebrate these special horses. It's great to have support from a like minded organization that recognizes the uniqueness of different breeds and helps bring them together. I do however think the American Roan Horse Association has maybe established a pattern, for us Huxley is not our only roan.

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