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Cheyenne Augsburger and Like A Rock

1)  When and where did you first see your roan, how did you end up with him as yours, and how long have you owned your roan?

​Lik A Rock, a.k.a. Ginger, is a home grown beauty by AQHA stallion The Rock and out of a mare named An Awesome Fantasy a.k.a. Ava, who was Cheyenne’s first show horse. When the decision was made to breed her they looked for a stallion with a nice jog and lope to compliment Ava. The result was a beautiful red roan filly. They knew they had to name her Lik A Rock because they own 4 Chevrolets! Cheyenne loves the unique color, being the lightest roan color she had ever seen, picking show colors to match was very tricky.​

2)  Where, what level, and in what classes do you show your roan?

Cheyenne and Ginger show at all the major shows and futurities and are currently showing in the 3 year old non-pro western pleasure events. She is hoping to add trail to Gingers accomplishments and wants to eventually show in all around. ​

arha july spotlight 2019 augsburger.jpg

3)  What is your favorite thing to do with your roan horse?

When Ginger's mom passed away Ginger was only 3 months old so they put her with a donkey. They didn’t really get along at first, so Cheyenne had to be her mom. She would go out in the pasture after school and Ginger would lay down with her and put her head in Cheyenne’s lap. She would read stories to her. She would follow Cheyenne around the pasture and just lead her around the farm like a dog. She would go in our garage and the shed. Cheyenne started Ginger’s training and put the first 80 or so days on her all by herself, being only 10 years old, it was the “coolest thing ever!!” to Cheyenne. Still to this day every time Ginger sees Cheyenne, she whinnies for her. “I knew she was special the moment she was born. I'm beyond glad she's a mare and we hope to breed her in the future.”​

4)  What is your favorite memory with your roan horse?
Ginger has had a bit of a rocky road behind her so Cheyenne loves being able to ride her and spend time with her more than anything.​
5)  What are your thoughts about the American Roan Horse Association?

I think it’s an amazing association and it gives more chances to get your name called. I’m excited to be a part of it and will be enrolling my other roan!!

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